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Are You Brave Enough to Ride the 10 Most Expensive Trains in the World?
Experience the most exclusive way to travel by rail – exploring diverse cultures and territories – on the world’s most expensive train rides.
– Luxury train travel offers an exclusive and opulent way to see the world, with lavish accommodations, fine dining, and impeccable service.
– Trains like the Maharajas’ Express, Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, and Venice Simplon Orient Express are renowned for their opulence and immersion in different cultures.
– These luxury train trips can be quite expensive, with nightly rates often exceeding thousands of dollars per passenger, but provide a pampered and immersive way to travel.
Traveling across diverse landscapes and cultures by luxury train is considered one of the most exclusive ways to see the world. Some of the most lavish trains offer comfortable and convenient train trips with ultra-luxurious accommodations, impeccable service, and amenities fit for royalty. Passengers can journey through multiple countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa while indulging in fine dining using local ingredients onboard.
Train rides like the Maharajas’ Express through India, the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express across Russia, and the Venice Simplon Orient Express connecting major European cities are renowned for their opulence and onboard experiences. With nightly rates often exceeding thousands of dollars per passenger, these globally renowned trains provide a pampered and immersive way to witness different parts of the world from the comfort of luxury rail travel.
When wondering what to wear and pack on a train journey, ditch the conventional with these luxury train trips around the world; put on one’s best suit or dress and be sure to fill the bag with a lot of funds.
10 Maharajas’ Express, India:
The Maharajas’ Express is considered one of the most luxurious trains in India. It winds through destinations steeped in Indian history, like Rajasthan and Agra. Taking a train in India is an adventure in itself, but the Maharajas’ Express elevates it to an art form.
– Presidential suites cost $3,385 per night, Deluxe cabins at $2,700 per person.
– All meals, drinks, excursions, and transfers are included in the cabins’ rates.
– Two attendants are assigned to each cabin to take care of passengers’ every need.
9 Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia:
This Golden Eagle Express offers the unique experience of traveling the famous Trans-Siberian Route across Russia in ultra-luxury. The train has deluxe Golden Eagle Club cars that feature spacious suites with fine furnishings and amenities.
– Moscow to Vladivostok in a Deluxe Twin cabin costs around $15,000 per person
– Costs $2,140 per night in Imperial Suites
8 Royal Scotsman:
The Royal Scotsman is considered one of the most luxurious trains in the world. It transports passengers through stunning Scottish countryside and landscapes aboard restored 1960s Pullman coaches.
– A 4-day circuit costs around $7,500 per person
– Larger Heritage suites for 2 guests range from $11,000 to $19,000 per person
7 Rovos Rail, South Africa:
This locomotive is known for offering one of the most luxurious train rides in the world; the Rovos Rail travels between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania, offering safaris and cultural experiences.
– A 3 or 4-day journey between Pretoria and Victoria Falls in Pullman suite costs $2092.68
– $2,126 per night
6 Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe:
Trains like the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express promise passengers spacious and luxurious train carts.
– A one-way trip between London to Paris starts at around $5,500 per person
– $1,900 for one person per night
5 Eastern & Oriental Express, Asia:
This locomotive is one of the most luxurious trains in Asia; it transports passengers in elegance through destinations in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Vietnam. It has spacious suites with antique furnishing and features onboard dining with Asian-inspired cuisine, onboard entertainment, and off-train excursions.
– A 3-night journey between Bangkok and Singapore starts at $4,825 per person in a Stateroom
– Costs $1,583 per night
– It offers three options: Pullman, State, and Presidential.
4 Danube Express:
Traveling between Budapest and Prague, the Danube Express is one of the most luxurious trains in Europe. It provides an opportunity to admire the century-old architecture and the picturesque landscapes along the Danube River from the windows of restored 1920s carriages.
– A 3-day/2-night Classic journey starts at around $4,000 per person
– A 6-day Grand Danube Express holiday costs $10,695 per person depending on the cabin and dates
3 Royal Canadian Pacific:
This luxury Royal Canadian Pacific train runs between Vancouver and Toronto or Montreal, allowing passengers to see magnificent Canadian scenery and destinations in gold-level service.
– A one-way economy seating ranges from $507-$596 per person depending on the destination and season of travel
– Luxury accommodations start at $1,442 per person for a one-way journey
2 Blue Train, South Africa:
Another one of the most expensive trains in the world, the Blue Train transports passengers in style between Pretoria and Cape Town through South Africa’s diverse landscapes. It has 9 Luxe Suite Coach, each with a lounge area, bedroom, and en-suite bathroom.
– A one-way journey costs around $1,217 per person in the smallest deluxe suites
– 3-day journey from Cape Town, Pretoria costs $248.27
1 Indian Pacific, Australia:
Journeying through the Australian outback wilderness between Sydney and Perth, Indian Pacific is among the most luxurious train rides in Australia; it offers panoramic views and unique experiences in gold-level sleeper service.
– Economy seats start from around $1,500 per person for a one-way journey
– The most affordable Gold Service stateroom costs approximately $2,825 per person each way, including all meals

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