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Is the UK Embracing the Hijab? Discover the Revolutionary Sculpture Honoring Women Who Wear It

UK set to unveil world's first sculpture honoring women who wear hijab

A Groundbreaking Sculpture in Birmingham

A groundbreaking sculpture in Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, is set to pay tribute to Muslim women who proudly wear the hijab. Designed by Luke Perry, this striking steel sculpture will make its debut in the Smethwick area of the West Midlands in October.

The Symbolism of the Hijab

The sculpture, named “Strength of the Hijab,” stands 5 meters tall and weighs approximately one tonne. It features a representation of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, symbolizing her choice to cover her hair, neck, and sometimes shoulders. At the base of the sculpture, a powerful inscription reads, “It is a woman’s right to be loved and respected whatever she chooses to wear.”

Increasing Visibility for Women Who Wear Hijab

Luke Perry, the creative mind behind the sculpture, aims to provide much-needed visibility for women who wear hijabs as a symbol of their Islamic faith. He acknowledges that this group is often underrepresented despite their significant presence within the community. The selection of Smethwick as the location for this remarkable creation is a testament to the vibrant Islamic community in the area.

Celebrating Diversity and Amplifying Voices

Perry recognizes that the sculpture may face controversy, but he emphasizes the importance of representing the diversity of the UK’s population and ensuring that all voices are heard and celebrated. This sculpture is part of Perry’s history of creating thought-provoking artworks, including the Black British History and British History sculpture in nearby Winson Green.

By honoring and acknowledging the women who choose to wear hijabs, this groundbreaking sculpture aims to promote understanding, acceptance, and respect for diverse religious and cultural practices. It is a testament to the UK’s progress in embracing and appreciating different forms of self-expression, and a step towards a more inclusive society.

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