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Is CHALO BHARAT: ETSPL’s 34-City Roadshow with Palace On Wheels the Ultimate Travel Experience?
The “CHALO INDIA” roadshow organized by ETSPL promises to be an extraordinary travel experience that will not only benefit the company and the “Palace On Wheels” but also reshape the global perception of India. As the iconic train embarks on a journey across 34 global cities, it aims to showcase India as a destination that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. This roadshow is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of promoting travel within India and to India.
The “CHALO” concept is at the heart of this roadshow, with the acronym standing for Culture, Heritage, Art, Leisure, and Opulence. These qualities encapsulate the essence of India and will be showcased through the various events and exhibitions that ETSPL will participate in as part of the roadshow.
Commencing in April 2024, the roadshow will include travel exhibitions and conferences in different global cities, with major themes such as “Travel to India,” “Wed in India,” “Travel in India,” “Spiritual India,” and “Luxury India.” The objective is to attract the Global Indian Diaspora and encourage Indian citizens to explore the diverse landscapes and hidden gems within their own country.
As part of this initiative, ETSPL plans to develop boutique resorts and hospitality projects in seven Indian locations, chosen for their religious significance and unique experiences they offer. These resorts aim to provide travelers with an authentic off-the-beaten-path experience.
The Palace On Wheels, known for its opulence and luxury, is also exploring the opportunity to host destination weddings. With its regal and romantic ambiance, the train provides a distinctive setting for couples looking to tie the knot.
To further celebrate luxury and opulence, ETSPL will organize the CHALO gala event in September 2024. This event will showcase luxury brands entering the Indian market, as well as celebrate heritage brands already present. The event will take place across Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambore, and Udaipur.
In addition to promoting travel and luxury experiences, ETSPL is also launching a startup challenge to support the growing startup ecosystem in India. The challenge will provide a platform for Travel & Sustainability startups and Handicrafts startups to be featured on the Palace On Wheels platform.
The “CHALO INDIA” roadshow is set to be a transformative journey for ETSPL, the Palace On Wheels, and India as a destination. It will showcase India’s diverse and enchanting facets to a global audience, inviting them to experience the rich culture, heritage, art, leisure, and opulence that the country has to offer.

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