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Are These 7 Luxury Train Trips the Ultimate Travel Experience?
If you think that subway rides and government-run trains are the only options for rail travel, think again. Luxury train trips offer a dreamy and unforgettable experience that is worth every penny. Here are seven of the most essential luxury train journeys around the world.
1. Train Suite Shiki-Shima, Japan
Price: From $3,320 for a one-night package
While Japan is famous for its bullet trains, the country also offers specialized trains for tourism. The Train Suite Shiki-Shima is the crown jewel of Japan’s national railway, offering one- to three-night excursions through eastern Japan. The train features cutting-edge design with abstract cutouts on its observation cars, 15 elegant sleeping quarters, and extraordinary seasonal meals prepared by a team of chefs.
2. Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe
Price: From $4,761 for a one-night Venice to London journey
The iconic Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express transports travelers back to the golden age of travel. With vintage carriages from the 1920s and ’30s, the train offers a luxurious and sophisticated experience. The addition of six Grand Suites, each named after a legendary city, further enhances the opulence. The train runs regular itineraries across Europe and also offers a slow five-night trip between Paris and Istanbul.
3. Alaska Railroad, USA
Price: From $6,409 for a 12-day/11-night Glaciers, Rails, and Trails package
The Alaska Railroad offers a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the state. This 11-night package takes passengers on a journey through stunning landscapes, including Denali National Park and Kenai Fjords National Park. Passengers disembark for various activities, such as museum visits, sled dog training, and guided hikes. The train features a double-decker observation car and stops at wilderness lodges for overnight stays.
4. Maharajas’ Express, India
Price: From $3,850 for a four-day/three-night Treasures of India package
The Maharajas’ Express offers a royal experience with its 23 luxury carriages. The train travels mostly at night, allowing passengers to visit UNESCO World Heritage landmarks, go on game drives, and dine in lavish hotels and palaces during the day. The train includes two restaurants, a bar car, and modern en suite accommodations.
5. Rocky Mountaineer, USA
Price: From $1,599 for a two-day, one-night Rockies to Red Rocks package
The Rocky Mountaineer is known for its panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies. It recently launched a new route between Denver and Moab, Utah, allowing passengers to experience the stunning landscapes of the Rockies and the Utah desert. Overnight stays at fine hotels along the route ensure that passengers don’t miss out on any of the scenic beauty.
6. Rovos Rail, Southern Africa
Price: From $1,621 per person for a three-day/two-night Durban Safari package
Rovos Rail offers luxury train journeys across southern Africa. The train stops at sidings for wildlife viewing, vineyard visits, and game drives. Various itineraries allow passengers to explore different regions, including the Great Rift Valley and the red deserts of Namibia. The train’s vintage carriages have been restored and upgraded, offering modern amenities without sacrificing the classic charm.
7. Glacier Express, Switzerland
Price: From $786 for a one-day Excellence Class itinerary
Considered one of the best rail journeys in Switzerland, the Glacier Express offers breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. The train’s glass carriages provide unobstructed sightseeing opportunities, showcasing remote valleys, idyllic villages, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Excellence Class offers a more luxurious experience with private access to a bar, dedicated concierges, and a five-course menu with wine pairings.
Luxury train trips are the epitome of indulgent travel experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the wilderness of Alaska, exploring the cultural heritage of India, or marveling at the stunning landscapes of the Swiss Alps, these luxury train journeys promise to leave you with unforgettable memories. So why not splurge on the ultimate travel experience and embark on a luxurious train adventure?
Note: This article was last updated on August 15, 2023, to include current information.

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