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Are These 6 Luxury Trains the Ultimate Way to Travel the World?
Luxury train journeys offer a unique and comfortable way to explore different destinations with first-class service. From Switzerland to Italy, here are some of the most exciting luxury train routes that should definitely be on your travel radar.
1. GoldenPass Express, Switzerland:
The GoldenPass Express in Switzerland takes passengers on a scenic three-hour journey from Montreux to Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland. For the ultimate luxury experience, choose the Prestige class, where heated leather seats recline and offer stunning views over vineyards, valleys, and glaciers. Indulge in a menu featuring caviar from nearby Frutigen and a bottle of crisp Duval-Leroy Brut Champagne.
2. Royal Scotsman, Scotland:
Experience the opulence of the Scottish Highlands aboard the Royal Scotsman. With its tweed interiors, soft woollen throws, and luxurious Bamford bathroom products, this train takes you through the stunning Scottish landscapes. From May 2024, passengers can reserve the new Grand Suites, featuring large double beds and a private lounge area for added privacy and relaxation.
3. The Vietage, Vietnam:
The Vietage, offered by the Anantara hotel group, is a single luxury carriage that couples onto the Reunification Express train in Vietnam. With only 12 passengers onboard, you can enjoy the 200-mile journey between Da Nang and Quy Nhon in supreme comfort. Each private compartment features plush upholstered seating that converts into beds, and passengers can enjoy a three-course lunch with free-flowing drinks and a head-and-shoulder massage.
4. SPACIA X, Japan:
Ideal for those traveling from Tokyo to Nikko, the Spacia X train offers a stylish and comfortable two-hour journey. Inspired by the Edo period, the train’s design incorporates intricate geometrical patterns used in bamboo wickerwork. In addition to traditional train seating, the Spacia X includes compartments, sofas, and lounge-style seats. Passengers in the premium Cockpit Suite can enjoy a driver’s view of the journey as they pass by mountains, waterfalls, and temples.
5. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, France:
Belmond’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is launching four new routes between Paris and the French Alps in December 2023. Passengers can enjoy the snow-covered forests and foothills while snuggling down in Historic Cabins, Suites, or Grand Suites. Indulge in seasonal dishes in the dining cars, clink crystal glasses in the bar car, and wake up to freshly baked viennoiserie served in bed.
6. La Dolce Vita, Italy:
Launching in 2024, the Orient Express’ La Dolce Vita train service will transport passengers back to the cultural revival of Italy in the 1960s. With 12 Deluxe Cabins and 18 Suites, each featuring luxurious amenities and private bathrooms, passengers can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere while sipping wine and indulging in off-board experiences such as vineyard tours and horseback riding.
These luxury train journeys offer an unparalleled way to travel the world in comfort and style. Whether you’re exploring the Swiss Alps or immersing yourself in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, these trains promise an unforgettable and opulent experience. So sit back, relax, and let the world unravel outside your window as you embark on these incredible train adventures.
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