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Prince Harry’s narration in Thomas & Friends: The Royal Train – Fit for royalty or not?

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, recently made his first television appearance since stepping down from his official royal duties. In this special edition of the beloved children’s series Thomas & Friends, titled “The Royal Engine”, Prince Harry serves as the narrator. But does his narration truly capture the essence of royalty? Let’s find out in our review.

A touch of regal gravitas

Prince Harry’s introduction to the episode is delivered with entertainingly regal gravitas. Seated in a chequered armchair beside a fireplace, he speaks of the stories’ “75 years of friendship and teamwork” and describes how it all began with a young boy entertained by stories of a special railway on the magical island of Sodor. Despite his serious tone, there is a twinkle in Prince Harry’s eye and a tiny smile that hints at his own childhood connection to the series.

One cannot help but feel a sense of pride as Prince Harry talks about “the most iconic tank engine the world has ever known”. His nod to the legacy and impact of Thomas & Friends is evident, and as a father himself, Prince Harry’s involvement in the episode adds a personal touch.

Meeting the Queen and the young Prince Charles

In this special story, Thomas embarks on a journey to London for a very important occasion – meeting the Queen. The invitation states that Thomas is to take the Fat Controller, Sir Topham Hatt, to Buckingham Palace at the request of the young prince. Along the way, Thomas encounters Duchess, a well-spoken engine voiced by Rosamund Pike, who helps him navigate the challenging journey to the capital.

When they reach Buckingham Palace, the Queen herself descends from Duchess’s elegant carriage, accompanied by a young boy with the letter C on his cap – the future King Charles. The young prince expresses his admiration for Thomas and his travels around the world, which sparks a connection between him and the iconic tank engine.

A piece of innocent, animated joy

Amidst a year filled with criticism and controversy, Thomas & Friends: The Royal Engine offers a refreshing, innocent, and uncontroversial joy. Prince Harry’s narration adds a touch of regal charm to the episode, paying homage to the series’ rich history and highlighting the values of friendship and teamwork that it promotes.

While some may argue that Prince Harry’s narration does not align with traditional royal meekness, it perfectly captures his own personality – a blend of regality and down-to-earth charm. In terms of fitting the narration, Prince Harry’s involvement injects a sense of authenticity and relatability, making it an enjoyable experience for both children and adults.

In conclusion, Prince Harry’s narration in Thomas & Friends: The Royal Train may not be the epitome of royal eloquence, but it captures the spirit of the series and adds a personal touch that resonates with viewers. Whether you are a fan of the royal family or simply enjoy the timeless tales of Thomas the Tank Engine, this special episode is definitely worth a watch.

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By Maya Di Maria

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