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Is Luxury Escapes’ new Agent Hub the ultimate game-changer for travel advisors?
Luxury Escapes, the popular travel company, has recently launched its new Agent Hub, which has received a significant response from travel advisors. This move marks Luxury Escapes’ official entry into the wholesale market, expanding upon its previous offering to agency groups in Australia and New Zealand.
The Agent Hub offers several key features that make it a valuable tool for travel advisors. It provides exclusive deals and add-ons for experiences that advisors can pass on to their clients. The booking process is streamlined, allowing agents to access a personalized dashboard for efficient management of bookings. Additionally, the Hub offers commissionable products with various commission levels available on most product verticals. Travel advisors also gain access to Luxury Escapes’ industry expertise and extensive network of connections.
Luxury Escapes has also announced several incentives for travel advisors, including bonus commissions, LE bonus credits, and famils. These incentives are aimed at further enhancing the collaboration between Luxury Escapes and the trade.
To express their interest and register to use the Agent Hub, travel advisors are invited to visit the Luxury Escapes website. The company has revealed that more than 2,000 travel agents responded during the expression of interest phase, demonstrating the demand for a platform that facilitates collaboration between Luxury Escapes and the trade.
Luxury Escapes has partnered with several agency groups, including itravel, Savenio, and the Australian Travel Agents Co-operative (ATAC), among others, for the launch of the Agent Hub. These partnerships provide additional scope for holiday packages and complement the existing range of preferred suppliers and in-house wholesale services offered by itravel.
Adam Schwab, the Co-founder and CEO of Luxury Escapes, expressed excitement about the launch of the Agent Hub, stating that it will empower agent partners to enhance their offerings and streamline their operations. The positive response received during the expression of interest phase reflects the demand for such a platform.
Luxury Escapes’ Agent Hub is set to revolutionize the travel industry by providing travel advisors with innovative tools and resources to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients. With its exclusive deals, streamlined booking processes, and access to industry expertise, the Agent Hub is sure to become a game-changer for travel advisors seeking to provide luxury escapes to their clients.
In addition to the Agent Hub, Luxury Escapes has also launched a dedicated cruise platform last year, further expanding its range of offerings and catering to the growing demand for luxury cruise experiences.
Overall, Luxury Escapes’ new Agent Hub has the potential to transform the way travel advisors operate and provide luxury escapes to their clients. With its comprehensive features and incentives, the Agent Hub is poised to become an essential tool for travel advisors looking to elevate their offerings and deliver unparalleled experiences to their clients.

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