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How a Celebrity Stylist Helped Me Pack for a Luxury Train Trip with a Dress Code, Using Only a Backpack

Taking a luxury train trip is a dream for many travelers, but what happens when there’s a strict dress code and limited packing space? That was the challenge I faced when preparing for a 30-hour journey on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express sleeper train. Thankfully, I had the expert guidance of celebrity stylist Kim Appelt to help me pack a light and elevated travel wardrobe that would meet the train’s dress code requirements.

The Challenge of the Dress Code

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is known for its luxurious atmosphere and encourages passengers to dress in their finest attire. The train’s website states that “smart attire” is required in common areas during the day and passengers are encouraged to wear their finest outfits at night. As someone who typically packs with just a backpack and prefers athleisure wear, the dress code was a bit daunting.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune buying new clothes specifically for this trip, so I reached out to celebrity stylist Kim Appelt for guidance.

Packing a Versatile Wardrobe with Kim Appelt’s Help

Appelt, who wrote a book about fashion basics called “Style for Everybody,” helped me put together a travel wardrobe that was both comfortable and elevated. She advised starting with a neutral color palette and adding pops of color for versatility. We selected versatile neutral pieces like black slacks, white shirts, and neutral sweaters, and added pops of color with scarves and hats.

To keep the packing light, we focused on mixing and matching these pieces to create different outfits. Appelt suggested two pairs of black slacks, three shirts that could be layered differently, two sweaters, and a deconstructed black blazer. For shoes, we opted for comfortable black boots that could be dressed up or down.

The Importance of Cohesion

According to Appelt, maintaining cohesion is key when packing for a luxury train trip. We chose items that could be styled in multiple ways and kept everything clean and sophisticated. Appelt emphasized the importance of even the smallest details, like plain black socks and a neutral hat, to create a cohesive and elevated look.

The Results: An Efficient and Stylish Wardrobe

Once I put everything in my backpack, I was amazed at how little space my clothes took up. Thanks to the versatility of the pieces and the ability to layer, I was able to create multiple outfits for different occasions, from casual lunches to formal dinners.

Despite the limited packing space, I didn’t feel like I was missing any essential clothing items. In fact, my backpack was less than 75% full, leaving plenty of room for other necessities like cameras and chargers.

The Joy of Dressing Up for the Journey

Wearing the carefully curated wardrobe made me feel confident and sophisticated throughout the journey. I embraced the dress code and enjoyed the experience of dressing up for each occasion, whether it was lunch in the dining cars or a formal dinner.

Appelt’s expert advice proved invaluable, and I now feel equipped to pack a versatile and stylish wardrobe for future luxury adventures.

Preparing for a luxury train trip with a dress code doesn’t have to be stressful. By following the guidance of a celebrity stylist like Kim Appelt, it’s possible to pack a light and elevated travel wardrobe using only a backpack. With a focus on versatility, cohesion, and thoughtful outfit choices, you can look and feel your best throughout the journey.

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By Maya Di Maria

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