explore the mysterious allure of a night train journey and embrace the exhilarating adventure that awaits as you travel under the twinkling night sky.

Experience Europe’s Newest Night Train Journey

If you’re a fan of slow travel and want to explore Europe’s grandiose cities, then the newest night train is perfect for you. These train journeys are gaining popularity due to their blend of romanticism, climate consciousness, and desire for immersive experiences. So, are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure? Let’s dive in!

Expanding Night Train Connections

Europe has recently seen notable expansions in night train connections. The introduction of the Night Jet service connects Munich, Germany to La Spezia, Italy, providing travelers with easy access to the scenic Cinque Terra. There’s also a new Euronight train running from Zürich to Zagreb and the European Sleeper service linking Brussels to Berlin, offering a connection to London via the Eurostar.

Introducing the Good Night Train

The European Sleeper service, also known as the “Good Night Train,” is now extending its Brussels to Berlin route to include Prague, starting next month. This expansion allows travelers to experience the grandeur of Czechia’s capital, Prague, with its medieval churches, Renaissance pavilions, and vibrant beer halls.

Itinerary and Schedule

The Good Night Train operates three times per week and currently stops in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Berlin. With the new extension, it will now include stops in Dresden, Saxon in Switzerland, and the UNESCO Heritage Elbe Valley before concluding in Prague. The journey takes approximately 15 hours, departing Brussels at 7.22pm and arriving in Prague at 10.56am the following day.

Additionally, for those seeking a weekend getaway in Prague from London, European Sleeper has aligned its schedules with Eurostar, enabling passengers from London to easily transfer to the Good Night Train in Brussels, making their dream trip a reality.

Pricing and Tickets

Prices for the Good Night Train start at €99 (£85) for seats and €109 (£93) for a couchette if departing on a Monday. Prices for a Friday departure start at €139 (£119) for seats and €159 (£136) for a couchette. Unfortunately, the Sleeper cabin option is no longer available. For those with Interrail passes, they are now accepted on European Sleeper services, allowing you to include this journey as part of a wider European rail adventure.

What’s it like on board?

The Good Night Train offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our writer tested the Brussels to Berlin route last summer and found the food reasonably priced. The sleeper train exceeded expectations, although earplugs would have been a welcome addition. Find out more about her experience here.

How to Get Tickets

The new Brussels to Prague service will launch on March 25. Tickets are available for purchase on the European Sleeper website.

Are you ready to hop on board the Good Night Train and explore these grandiose European cities? Get your tickets and prepare for an unforgettable journey filled with beauty, history, and cultural wonders!

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