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Are You Missing Out? Discover the 6 Most Breathtaking Train Routes in North America!
Traveling by train is gaining popularity as an eco-friendly and engaging alternative to flying. While night trains in Western Europe are experiencing a resurgence, North America offers its fair share of stunning train routes that showcase the continent’s diverse landscapes. If you’re seeking a unique travel experience that allows you to slow down and enjoy the journey, these six train routes should be on your bucket list.
1. The Vermonter:
– Route: Washington, D.C., to St. Albans, Vermont
– Duration: 611 miles, 13 hours
The Vermonter takes you through nine states, including major cities and scenic landscapes. You’ll start among towering skyscrapers in Washington, D.C., pass through New York City, and eventually reach the lush Green Mountains of Vermont. Along the way, you can customize your trip with layover days in charming villages and explore nearby national parks.
2. The Coast Starlight:
– Route: Los Angeles to Seattle
– Duration: 1377 miles, 35 hours
The Coast Starlight is Amtrak’s superstar route, offering breathtaking views of the western edge of the United States. As you travel from Los Angeles to Seattle, you’ll pass through Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. The journey takes you along the coast, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, rocky bluffs, and snow-capped mountains.
3. The Canadian:
– Route: Toronto to Vancouver
– Duration: 2,775 miles, four days, four nights
Operated by VIA Rail, The Canadian is Canada’s crown jewel when it comes to train routes. This epic journey takes you from Toronto to Vancouver, showcasing diverse landscapes along the way. From the Great Canadian Shield in eastern Canada to the scenic Canadian Rockies, this route offers breathtaking views of lakes, forests, and mountains.
4. The Denali Star:
– Route: Anchorage to Fairbanks
– Duration: 356 miles, 12 hours
The Denali Star is Alaska Railroad’s flagship route, connecting the state’s two largest cities and offering stunning views of Alaska’s vastness. As you travel through remote canyons, alpine meadows, and the Alaska Range, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Denali National Park and explore its magnificent landscapes and wildlife.
5. Rocky Mountaineer: Rockies to the Red Rocks:
– Route: Denver to Moab
– Duration: 375 miles, two days with an overnight in Glenwood Springs
Rocky Mountaineer, known for its scenic routes through the Canadian Rockies, now offers a stunning train journey from Denver to Moab. This two-day trip takes you along the Colorado River, providing breathtaking views of remote canyons and towering sandstone cliffs. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to soak in hot springs and explore the iconic Arches National Park.
6. The Empire Builder:
– Route: Chicago to Seattle
– Duration: 2,206 miles, 48 hours
The Empire Builder takes you through eight states as you trace the U.S./Canadian border. This route offers diverse landscapes, from Chicago’s skyline to the Mississippi River to the majestic Glacier National Park. If you’re up for an adventure, you can even detour into Spokane and explore the Columbia River Gorge.
Traveling by train allows you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the journey. Whether you’re exploring the picturesque villages of Vermont, gazing at the stunning coastline on the Coast Starlight, or witnessing the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies, these train routes offer unforgettable experiences. So, hop aboard, sit back, and enjoy the breathtaking views of North America from the comfort of a train.

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