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Are These the Ultimate Luxury Train Experiences You’ve Been Dreaming Of in the USA?
Luxury train travel is a unique and opulent way to experience the beauty of the United States. From the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains to the charming towns of New England, there are several luxury train rides that offer the ultimate travel experience. Whether you’re a fan of panoramic views, gourmet cuisine, or vintage carriages, these luxury train journeys are sure to make your dreams come true.
Luxury Trains in Colorado
1. Rocky Mountaineer: Rockies to the Red Rocks
– Route: Between Denver, Colorado, and Moab, Utah
– Duration: Two days
– What makes it luxurious: Glass-dome cars, gourmet cuisine, excellent service, and luxury hotels
Experience the beauty of the Southwestern scenery in extreme comfort aboard the Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies to the Red Rocks route. Choose between the SilverLeaf or SilverLeaf Plus class for spacious cars with oversized glass-dome windows, reclining seats, and seat-side service. Upgrade to SilverLeaf Plus for exclusive lounge access, outdoor viewing area, elevated dining experience, and signature cocktails. The journey takes you between Denver and Moab, with options to start or end in Las Vegas or Salt Lake City. The trip includes a luxury hotel stay in Glenwood Springs before continuing the next morning.
2. Royal Gorge Train
– Route: Starts and ends in CaΓ±on City, Colorado
– Duration: Between 1.5 to three hours
– What makes it luxurious: Panoramic windows cars, award-winning dining experience, Champagne
The Royal Gorge Train offers a short but scenic journey through the narrow Royal Gorge. Choose from various classes of service, with the First Class Dinner Train being the most luxurious option. Enjoy Champagne and an award-winning three-course meal while admiring the stunning views from the panoramic windows. First Class Dinner Train passengers also have access to a private open-air car.
3. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad
– Route: Between Chama, New Mexico, and Antonito, Colorado
– Duration: From 4.5 to eight hours
– What makes it luxurious: Restored Victorian Parlor Cars, great service, comfortable seats, snacks, and beverages served on board
Experience the beauty of the steam train on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. Book a seat in the adult-only Parlor Car for a luxury experience. Enjoy pastries, hot and cold beverages, and snacks served by thoughtful train attendants. The Parlor Car provides the best views with strategically placed seats and panoramic windows. The train runs once per day between Chama and Antonito, and you can opt for a luxury motorcoach or an overnight stay in the arrival town for a roundtrip experience.
Luxury Trains in New England
1. Cape Cod Dinner Train
– Route: Departs from and ends in Hyannis, Buzzards Bay, or Falmouth
– Duration: Three hours
– What makes it luxurious: Candlelight five-course gourmet meal, formal attire, full bar, vintage club car
The Cape Cod Dinner Train offers a luxurious three-hour ride through the peninsula’s charming small towns. Book the Platinum Class for a private table, one alcoholic beverage, and all-inclusive service. Alternatively, the Gourmet Wine Tasting Train offers an adult-only experience with wine pairings and Platinum Class amenities. The Cape Cod Dinner Train operates multiple times per week from May until October.
2. Green Mountain Railroad
– Route: Roundtrip from Burlington to Charlotte
– Duration: Three hours
– What makes it luxurious: 1930s train cars, adult-only experience, finger foods, cocktails, limited capacity
The Green Mountain Railroad offers the Cocktails on the Rails experience every Saturday from late June to late October. Enjoy plush leather seats, a full bar, and finger foods while listening to live music. The Champlain Valley Dinner Train is another luxury option, offering a three-hour roundtrip with a three-course meal. Book a private table for an exclusive experience. Both experiences are available for passengers aged five and up.
Luxury Trains to US National Parks
1. The Empire Builder to Glacier National Park
– Route: Between Chicago, Illinois, and Seattle, Washington
– Distance: 2,200 miles
– Duration: 46 hours
– What makes it luxurious: Large accommodation, complimentary meals, dedicated train attendant
The Empire Builder route serves East Glacier Park train station, allowing direct access to Glacier Park Lodge. Book a Bedroom Suite for an all-inclusive and enjoyable train ride. Enjoy comfortable sleeping accommodations, in-room facilities, a dedicated attendant, lounge access, priority boarding, and complimentary meals.
2. Grand Canyon Train Ride
– Route: Roundtrip from Williams, Arizona, to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon
– Distance: 65 miles one way, 130 miles return
– Duration: Two hours one way, four hours return
– What makes it luxurious: Dome car, lounge, full private bar, sparkling wine, restricted to travelers aged 16 or older
The Grand Canyon Railway offers daily rides to the South Rim. Choose the Luxury Dome Class for a truly luxurious experience. Enjoy panoramic views from the dome car and relax in the parlor-style lounge with plush seating and a full bar. Passengers are served sparkling wine, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages during the journey.
Luxury Trains in California
1. Napa Valley Wine Train
– Route: Between Downtown Napa and St. Helena
– Distance: 36-mile loop
– Duration: Two to three hours
– What makes it luxurious: Restored vintage Pullman rail cars, wine tasting, gourmet meals, winery visits, cocktail attire recommended
The Napa Valley Wine Train offers various luxury experiences year-round. The Legacy Experience includes a six-hour trip with three hours on the train and three hours visiting wineries. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and wine tasting on board the vintage Pullman rail cars. For a shorter but equally luxurious experience, choose the Vista Dome Dinner or Afternoon Tea.
Luxury Trains in Alaska
1. Denali Star
– Route: Between Anchorage and Fairbanks, via Wasilla, Talkeetna, and Denali National Park
– Distance: 356 miles
– Duration: 12 hours
– What makes it luxurious: Glass-dome cars, meals and drinks included, comfortable seats, access to open-air cars
The Denali Star route offers breathtaking views of Alaska. Opt for the Goldstar Service for a luxurious experience. Enjoy meals, soft beverages, and adult drinks in the dining car. Goldstar passengers have comfortable forward-facing seats, access to outdoor viewing platforms, and glass-dome cars.
2. Coastal Classic
– Route: Between Anchorage and Seward, via Girdwood
– Distance: 120 miles
– Duration: 1.5 hours
– What makes it luxurious: Glass-dome cars, meals and drinks included, comfortable seats, access to open-air cars
The Coastal Classic is a shorter but equally stunning ride offered by the Alaska Railroad. Choose the Goldstar Service for a luxurious experience. Enjoy panoramic views from the glass-dome cars and indulge in meals, soft beverages, and adult drinks. Passengers have access to outdoor viewing platforms.
Are There Sleeper Trains in the USA?
Yes, Amtrak operates sleeper trains in the USA. Travelers can choose from various accommodation options, including Roomettes, Bedrooms, Accessible Bedrooms, Bedroom Suites, and Family Rooms, depending on their budget and preferences.
What is the Longest Sleeper Train in the US?
The California Zephyr, operated by Amtrak, is the longest sleeper train in the US. The route runs between Chicago, Illinois, and Emeryville, California, taking a total of 51 hours.
What is the Most Luxurious Train in the US?
The Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies to the Red Rocks route is often considered the most luxurious train journey in the US. Passengers can enjoy glass-dome cars, gourmet cuisine, excellent service, and luxury hotel stays throughout the experience.

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