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6 most opulent train adventures in 2024: The epitome of luxury
By John Smith
Luxury train travel is experiencing a renaissance with travelers seeking unique and opulent experiences. In 2024, these six journeys promise to transport passengers to new heights of luxury and indulgence. From Switzerland to Japan, the world’s most exquisite train adventures await.
1. Switzerland’s Glacier Express: A winter wonderland
Known for its breathtaking panoramic views, Switzerland’s Glacier Express takes passengers on a captivating eight-hour journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt. The Excellence Class ticket offers the ultimate luxury experience, including a five-course meal, concierge service, and guaranteed window seat. Prices start at $530.
2. South Africa’s Blue Train: The epitome of grandeur
With a two-year waitlist, South Africa’s Blue Train is truly a sought-after experience. The journey spans 1,600km from Pretoria to Cape Town and includes a luxury butler and fine dining. Tickets start at $1,499.
3. Japan’s Twilight Mizukaze: A melody of luxury
The Twilight Mizukaze, also known as the Twilight Express, offers a variety of routes across western Japan. Passengers can enjoy live music performances, art deco-inspired decor, and locally sourced culinary delights. Tickets range from $2,800 to $5,500.
4. Belmond’s British Pullman: A journey fit for royalty
Step aboard Belmond’s British Pullman train for a quintessentially British experience. From live cabaret performances to traditional afternoon tea, this train is a true embodiment of luxury. Prices for 2024 journeys start at $510.
5. The Rocky Mountaineer: Canada’s natural beauty
The Rocky Mountaineer offers luxury train rides through western Canada and the American southwest. Passengers can marvel at the stunning landscapes through the train’s glass-dome windows. Prices for 2024 packages start at $1,500, offering a range of services and dining options.
6. Belmond’s Venice-Simplon Orient Express: Timeless elegance
The Venice-Simplon Orient Express takes travelers on a journey through time as they travel through Europe’s major cities. With its classic interior and impeccable service, this train exudes opulence. Ticket prices range from $4,500 for a standard cabin to $13,000 for a grand suite.
The luxury train travel trend is only gaining momentum, and these six journeys exemplify the best in opulent adventures. Whether it’s traversing snowy landscapes in Switzerland or savoring local delicacies in Japan, these train experiences are sure to create lasting memories. Travelers in search of true luxury and unparalleled experiences should consider embarking on one of these remarkable train adventures in 2024.
Note: Prices mentioned are approximate and subject to change.

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